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Sandipan Deb
Sandipan Deb


Sandipan Deb is an IIT Kharagpur graduate who, after three years in the corporate world, shifted to journalism. In his 20 years in the media, he has been, among other things

  • Senior Editor, Business Today
  • Managing Editor, Outlook
  • Founder-Editor, Outlook Money
  • Editor, The Financial Express
  • Founder-Editor, Open

He quit Open in August 2010 to pursue his personal interests and projects.
Sandipan has reported and written widely on politics, business and economy, social and cultural issues, including more than 250 columns on topics ranging from films to philosophy, and cricket to literature.
He is also the author of The IITians: The story of an extraordinary Indian institution and how its alumni are reshaping the world (Viking/ Penguin, 2004). The book has been translated into Korean and Chinese.
Two of his books will be published in December 2012: The Fallen Angel: The Mystery of Rajat Gupta, and a novel, The Last War.
A collection of his writings over the years can be accessed at sandipanonline.com